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Full cheek

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Tongue Saver Lozenge Nelson Full Cheek Gag

Cotswoldsport Tongue Saver Lozenge Nelson Gag Mouth piece is a 13mm diameter Lozenge is 34mm long Gag cheek ring size 65mm dia Holes for gag cheeks...

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Full Cheek Eggbutt Lozenge German Silver- 16mm

  Full cheek eggbutt lozenge bit with slightly shaped mouthpiece This is a dressage legal bit with a gently shaped mouthpiece and...

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Full Cheek Waterford Nelson Gag German Silver

 CS Waterford Nelson Gag Mouthpiece = German Silver Cheeks = Stainless steel Diameter = 16mm balls Main ring = 65mm Holes for cheeks = 15mm...

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Full Cheek Copper and Stainless Steel Roller

This listing is for a Full Cheek Fulmer Copper Roller Snaffle  Stainless Steel Ring size is 50mm Cheek length is 180mm overall and is...

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Full Cheek Waterford 16mm Metric F range

Full Cheek Waterford Snaffle   This bit is ideal for horses that lean, as it gives nothing fixed to lean on. Its also very good for horses with...

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Waterford Full Cheek Stainless Steel - Imperial range

This auction is for a Brand New  Waterford Full Cheek Snaffle Bit   Lozenges 50mm end to end size 17 to18mm Dia Ring 55mm Shank length...


Full Cheek Lozenge Brass Alloy ( loc_se )

  Full Cheek Brass Alloy with Lozenge  Size as heading Bit dia 15mm Large ring 55mm Shank 160mm All measurements are approximate...

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Full cheek copper peanut

 Full Cheek Snaffle with Copper Peanut       Bi Dia 12.50mm Large ring 50mm x 60mm Cheeks 160mm All measurements are approximate...

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