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Continental Waterford 4 ring Gag

18mm mouthpeice Stainless steel Ideal for horses that tend to lean, the Waterford mouthpiece remains fluid in their mouth and gives nothing to lean...


Flexi 3 Ring lozenge Gag

3 RingFlexi Pessoa with peanut Bit thickness 19mm Large centre ring 75mm dia Small rings 30mm dia Peanut 14mm dia x 35mmn long   This is a...

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Lozenge Universal Gag Stainless Steel

Lozenge Universal Gag Stainless Steel Mouthpiece 14mm Large bit ring 90mm Lower rein ring 50mm Cheek ring 30mm wide The Universal has become a...

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Nelson Single Joint Running Gag

Full cheek "Nelson" running gag This is a true gag which will lift the head, ideal for horses than run with their heads down. The full...


Overcheck Jointed Running Gag

   Overcheck Jointed Running Gag Note: This Bit is NOT supplied with nylon cheeks these are listed separately   Bit...


Pessoa French link 3 ring Gag

  18mm mouthpiece Stainless steel Ideal for providing that extra control when jumping or doing faster work, the french link removes the...

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Pessoa Jointed 3 ring Continental Gag

3 Ring Gag Bit (also known as 'Pessoa' bit) Large Ring 70mm ( 4.5" - 60mm) Small Rings 30mm Mouth thickness 21mm (4.5" - 19mm)...

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Wonder gag

Sweet Iron wonder Gag Mouth piece 12.5mm dia Shank length 168mm ,  70mm belown main ring Top ringn24mm wide Main ring 74mm Botton ring 25mm...

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